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Calligraphy Training Book

Calligraphy Training Book

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Nurture your child's creativity and fine motor skills with an engaging Calligraphy Training Book for Kids, designed to introduce the fundamentals of calligraphy in a fun and approachable manner. This book features colorful illustrations, simple instructions, and playful exercises that will captivate young learners and spark their interest in the art of calligraphy.


    • Age-Appropriate Content: Designed specifically for kids ages 3+, ensuring it is both engaging and safe for young learners.
    • Colorful Illustrations: Vibrant illustrations will capture children's attention and make learning calligraphy an enjoyable experience.
    • Easy-to-Follow Instructions: Simple and clear instructions ensure that even young children can follow along and learn the basics of calligraphy.
    • Practical Exercises: Includes engaging exercises that will help children develop their fine motor skills and practice their calligraphy techniques.
    • Fun and Engaging Approach: Presents calligraphy in a way that is fun and enjoyable, encouraging children to explore their creativity and develop a lifelong appreciation for the art.


    • Early Exposure to Calligraphy: Provides a fun and engaging introduction to calligraphy, sparking interest in the art form at an early age.
    • Fine Motor Skill Development: Helps children develop their fine motor skills, which are crucial for writing, drawing, and other essential daily tasks.
    • Hand-Eye Coordination Enhancement: Exercises in the book promote hand-eye coordination, which is essential for fine motor development and overall cognitive development.
    • Creativity and Expression: Encourages creativity and self-expression through the art of calligraphy, allowing children to explore their imagination and develop their artistic talents.
    • Early Literacy Development: Introduces basic letter shapes and strokes, laying the foundation for early literacy skills.

Calligraphy Training Book for Kids is a delightful and valuable resource for parents and educators seeking to introduce their young children to the joys of calligraphy. With its engaging content, age-appropriate approach, and emphasis on fun and exploration, this book will nurture creativity, develop fine motor skills, and instill a lifelong love for calligraphy in young learners. Whether your child is just starting to explore the world of writing or is already developing their artistic talents, this Calligraphy Training Book for Kids will provide a fun and enriching learning experience.

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Set one without pen; Set 2 contains 1 pen holder +5 pen refills +1 pen holder; Set 3 contains 1 pen holder +10 pen refills +1 pen holder

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