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Large Capacity Humidifier

Large Capacity Humidifier

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Introducing the Rechargeable Portable Humidifier, a versatile and user-friendly device that effectively humidifies your surroundings while offering the convenience of a built-in battery.

Key Features:

    • Portability and Convenience: Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy wherever you go with the rechargeable battery-powered design. Simply plug the humidifier into a USB port to charge and enjoy humidifying and aromatic benefits wherever you are.
    • Ultrasonic Mist Diffusion: Experience the gentle and soothing effects of ultrasonic mist diffusion technology. The humidifier atomizes water into a fine mist, releasing essential oils into the air and promoting relaxation and well-being.
    • Noise-Free Operation: Enjoy a tranquil and undisturbed experience with the whisper-quiet operation of the humidifier, emitting just 36dB of noise.
    • Built-In Battery: The humidifier features a built-in rechargeable battery, allowing you to use it cordlessly and conveniently anywhere.
    • Large Water Tank: Enjoy extended humidifying sessions with the humidifier's generously sized 900mL water tank. A single fill can provide up to 12 hours of continuous operation.
    • Mechanical Operation: Operate the humidifier with ease using the intuitive mechanical control panel, making it simple to adjust mist output and set timers.
    • Multiple Mist Modes: Choose from three mist modes: continuous, intermittent, and auto. The auto mode adjusts mist output based on the humidity level in the room.


    • Home Humidification: Maintain optimal humidity levels in your living room, bedroom, or office to combat dry air and promote respiratory health.
    • Aromatherapy Sessions: Enhance your relaxation and unwind with the soothing aroma of essential oils diffused through the humidifier.
    • Office Refreshment: Enhance your work productivity and boost your mood by maintaining comfortable humidity levels in your office space.
    • Travel Companion: Stay hydrated and refreshed while traveling with the portable humidifier.
    • Skin Care: Promote healthy skin by adding moisture to the air and reducing the appearance of dry skin.

The Rechargeable Portable Humidifier is your gateway to a more comfortable, relaxing, and healthy environment. Embrace the benefits of humidification and aromatherapy, and let the humidifier transform your living space into a haven of well-being.

Packing list:
Humidifier x 1 Data cable x 1 Instruction manual x 1

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