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LED Running Alarm Clock

LED Running Alarm Clock

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Tired of hitting snooze and sleeping through your alarm? Meet Clockey, the most hilarious, unconventional, and effective alarm clock you'll ever encounter! This little robot-like wonder isn't just loud, it's relentless in its mission to get you out of bed.

Why choose Clocky?

    • Runaway antics: Say goodbye to the boring beep! Clockey rolls, jumps, hides, and beeps its way around your room, forcing you to chase it off and finally wake up.
    • Super loud alarm: Even the deepest sleepers won't stand a chance against Clockey's R2D2-inspired alarm, guaranteed to pierce through any slumber.
    • No more snooze abuse: The one-time snooze function and Clockey's unpredictable movements ensure you can't just hit snooze and drift back to sleep.
    • Perfect for all ages: Whether you're a student, adult, or just a chronic snoozer, Clockey's fun and unique design makes waking up a little less painful (and a lot more entertaining!).
    • Great gift idea: Surprise your friends, family, or even yourself with this hilarious and practical alarm clock that's sure to become a conversation starter.

Additional features:

    • LED display: Easily check the time even in the dark.
    • Moves on carpet and wood: No matter your flooring, Clockey will chase you out of bed.
    • Durable design: Built to withstand even the most enthusiastic attempts to silence it.

Upgrade your mornings with Clocky! Order yours today and experience the joy of never being late again. ⏰

Here are some additional points you may want to consider:

    • Mention the specific materials the clock is made of.
    • Specify the size and weight of the clock.
    • Include any warranty information.

By incorporating these details, you can create an even more comprehensive and persuasive product description that convinces potential buyers to ditch their boring alarms and embrace the hilarious chaos of Clockey!

Material: plastic
Power: 4 x AAA battery (excluding)
Color: white, yellow, black, pink
Size: 13 x 8 cm
Packet size: 16 x 11 x 10.5 cm

Package Content :
1 x alarm clock 1 x employment model


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