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Universal Faucet Extension 1080 Degrees

Universal Faucet Extension 1080 Degrees

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The 1080° Splash-Proof Filter Faucet is an innovative faucet that provides a comfortable and convenient way to wash your face and rinse your mouth. The faucet features a 1080° rotary switch that allows you to easily adjust the water outlet to the desired position, making it ideal for reaching all areas of your face and mouth. The faucet also offers two water modes: bubble mode and bubble mode + shower mode, giving you the flexibility to choose the water flow that best suits your needs. The faucet is easy to install and requires no tools, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.


    • 1080° Rotary Switch: The 1080° rotary switch allows you to adjust the water outlet to your desired position for a comfortable washing experience.
    • Two Water Modes: Choose from bubble mode for a gentle and refreshing experience or bubble mode + shower mode for a more invigorating cleanse.
    • Easy Installation: No tools are required for installation, making it a simple and convenient process.
    • Four-eye Filtration: The four-eye filtration system removes impurities from the water, providing you with a cleaner and healthier experience.
    • Tight Sealing: The tight sealing design ensures no water leakage, preventing messes and maintaining a sanitary environment.
    • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality copper material, the faucet is built to withstand everyday use and provide years of reliable service.


    • Material: Metal
    • Diameter: 24mm outer filament, 22mm inner filament, 20mm inner thick wire
    • Product Weight: (single-mode) 152g, Size:95x30x20cm (dual-mode) 165g, Size:95x30x25cm
    • Product Standard Configuration:
    • Size: 10.8x5.5x4.8cm
    • Material: Copper
    • Nominal pressure: 1-6 (Mpa)
    • Working temperature: 99 (℃)
  • Specifications: Single-mode water outlet-manipulator arm silver, dual-mode water outlet-manipulator arm silver
  • Installation type: Screw type

Packing list:
Robot arm faucet x 1 + sealing ring x 2 + small wrench x 1

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