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Holographic Projector Fan

Holographic Projector Fan

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This innovative Holographic Projector Fan combines the cooling power of a fan with the visual impact of a holographic display, creating a unique and versatile tool for businesses and individuals alike. With its 410mm diameter and high-definition 640x640 resolution, it can project stunning visuals that capture attention and enhance your presentations.

Key Features:

    • Multi-function remote control: Operate the projector fan from a distance for added convenience.
    • Text ball: Display text, animations, and images with ease.
    • Speed adjustment: Control the fan speed to suit your needs.
    • High-definition non-flickering screen: Enjoy crisp and clear visuals without eye strain.
    • Software support system: Compatible with cards, mobile apps, and computers for flexible content creation.
    • Wide range of applications: Ideal for shops, shopping malls, flower shops, bars, restaurants, conferences, educational institutions, and more.

Additional Information:

    • Output voltage: 12V2A
    • Diameter: 410mm
    • Resolution: 640x640


    • Increase brand awareness and attract customers with eye-catching holographic displays.
    • Enhance presentations and events with dynamic and engaging visuals.
    • Create a unique and memorable experience for your audience.
    • Enjoy cool and refreshing air.

With its versatile features and wide range of applications, the Holographic Projector Fan is a powerful tool for anyone looking to make a lasting impression.

Packing list:

Holographic Projector Fan x 1


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